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The top 10 July 4th meals in history!

America has always had such a rich history ever since we claimed our independence from the tyranny of Britain on July 4th, 1776. Well, have you ever wondered what our forefathers ate on the Fourth of July? Here is the top ten Independence Day meals, who knows you might like what was on the dinner table in 1776.

Let's celebrate the history and food of our nation's independence.
Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

10. 1776 - Our founding fathers celebrated July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia's City Tavern, which means it all started with beef, veal, fowl, turkey, mutton, lobsters, salmon, eels, oysters, duck, other fish, and of course many, many choices of liquor.

9. 1847 – As America celebrated their 71st birthday, they dined on ham, poultry, lobster, chicken salads, bread and butter sandwiches, crackers, soda biscuits, pastries, jelly tarts, jellies floating, floating island, blancmange, cake, maccaroons, syrup water, lemonade, temperance beverages, bottled soda, wine, cordials, and champagne.

8. 1894 – As President Cleveland enjoyed his Fourth of July, he dined on lobster, chicken, artichokes, chocolate souffle, pastries, and sweets.

7. 1914 – As America remains in isolation during the beginning of World War I, they celebrate their independence by enjoying ham, green onions, rye bread with green chili cheese, dill pickles, sugared red and white currants, iced tea, sugar cookies, and rhubarb punch.

6. 1939 – As World War II looms on, the Roosevelts celebrate the Fourth of July with the King and Queen of England dining on hot dogs, punch, Boston baked beans, cold meats, lettuce and tomato salad, watermelon, coffee, soft drinks and beer.

5. 1964 – At the World’s Fair, Americans celebrate their Fourth of July by being served green turtle soup, New England poached salmon with egg sauce and apple pan dowdy.

4. 1988 – From a younger Martha Stewart, a Fourth of July meal is prepared, which includes shrimp wrapped in snow peas, beet and cucumber soup, baked ham with herb-honey mustard, corn on the cob with lime butter, confetti salad, garden salad with pears and blue cheese, butter-caraway rolls, raspberry-rhubarb pie, star-spangled cake, and a watermelon fruit basket.

3. 1995 – Just a little background into my life, this is what me and several other Americans had on the Fourth of July when I was four. We feasted on grilled steak, New England baked beans, and red, white and blueberry cake.

2. 2002 – After the 9/11 attacks, Americans all came together to celebrate the Fourth of July by enjoying fizzy sour cherry lemonade, shrimp with orange tomato cocktail sauce and green goddess dipping sauce, grilled chicken with lemon, garlic and oregano, grilled sweet potatoes with lime cilantro vinaigrette, creamy corn with sugar snap peas and scallions, tomato, cucumber, pita salad, Handley Anderson Valley Pinot Noire Rose ’01, berry tart with ginger cream, and Schramsberg Cremant Demi-Sec ’98.

1. 2014 – Some of the top foods we will be dining on for this year’s Independence Day include BBQ dishes, potato salad, baked beans, slaw, berry dessert, ice cream, S’mores, and lastly, it is not the Fourth of July without some good ol’ fashioned watermelon.

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