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The Top 10 Industries Affected by Malware

Is Malware on the rise?
Erin Walsh

Large corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations all have experienced malware attacks. It seems no one is left out on the attempt of information theft. This type of crime hurts everyone who experiences it, but it especially harms people and companies not prepared for it.

The top 10 industries affect by malware are mentioned below:

1. Manufacturing (24%)
2. Finance, insurance and real estate (19%)
3. Non-traditional services (17%)
4. Government (12%)
5. Utility/energy (10%)
6. Professional services (8%)
7. Aerospace (2%)
8. Retail (2%)
9. Wholesale (2%)
10. Transportation/Gas/Electric/Communication (21%)

It probably surprises some people what sectors hackers target the most. However, it might make sense when we remember why identity thieves want to create system vulnerabilities. It’s usually to steal information, money or both.
However, individuals and entities can prepare for the worst. They need to scan their computers and devices regularly and remove all registry errors. In addition, clean out all the files they don’t need.

Furthermore, everyone should use caution when checking emails and clicking on website links, and don’t download files from unverified sources. Also remember that even though mobile security threats are on the rise, the majority of cases still affect home computers. Therefore, keep it shielded and clean at all times before any infections spread.

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