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The top 10 desserts to finish your July 4th

Choose one of these all-American desserts for a delightful conclusion to an exciting Independence Day party! The top recipes are cakes, ice cream, parfaits, and the quintessential berry pie!

To have dessert, or not have dessert for Independence Day?
Photo by Steve Jennings

Heat one for a fast cool down which will be exactly what you are looking for when it comes to your sweet tooth! These treats are not too hard either, but they will be delicious enough for our own founding fathers!

  1. Patriotic Parfait - Layers of sweet cream, blueberries, raspberries, and red strawberries create a patriotic dessert declaration!
  2. Summer Ice Cream Joy - Enjoyable and refreshing for a warm summer day. Your children will ask you to make this all the time!
  3. Patriotic Dump Cake - A real "dump it and run" special. It is difficult to find a simpler cake recipe.
  4. Watermelon Berried Chiffon - This is a simple recipe that is quite lenient as far as ingredients go. It makes great use of the watermelon that was not quite used up at the big celebration and shrinks it down to a convenient spot in the refrigerator. It also makes use of any frozen or fresh berries and yogurt for creaminess to turn this into a scrumptious summer chiffon!
  5. Fourth of July Pie - Be patriotic with red, white, and blue: creamy vanilla filling, blueberries, and strawberries
  6. Good Ol’ Soft Sugar Cookies - These Sugar Cookies are a soft cookie. They have been around for many years and a favorite for all kids.
  7. Fast USA Cake - This patriotic cake is constantly a crowd pleaser. It could not be easy to make!
  8. Kool-Aid 4th of July Pie - Try this simple, patriotic pie with the new strawberry Cool Whip and strawberry Kool-Aid!
  9. Berry Dessert Nachos - This is one of those fruity desserts that will be sure to impress when you serve it.
  10. Patriotic Trifle - Life can still be sweet if you are a diabetic. Relish this vibrant dessert that is cholesterol free, low fat, full of fruit, and rich in vitamin C.

Remember, there can only be one! The Last Highlander! Sorry, I always wanted to use that old 1990s reference, but you should seriously think of using one of these tasty dessert ideas for your Fourth of July.

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