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The top 10 countries that love the USA, top 10 countries that hate the USA

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Statue of Liberty

A study has been completed which ranks countries around the world by its feeling toward the United States of America. The study was done by Pew research and the results were released this month. According to the survey, America is loved by some parts of the world and hated by others, according to CNS on Friday.

The study clearly reveals that the United States is viewed most negatively or unfavorably in portions of the Muslim world. In particular, Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian territories all view the United States with a favorability rating of 16 percent or less. Yet, contrarily, America’s ratings are positive in Senegal in West Africa and Malaysia in Southeast Asia which are predominantly Muslim countries.

The United States is most popular in European countries, particularly since President Barack Obama has been office in 2009. Obama is popular in Europe and the anti-Americanism that swept Europe when President George W. Bush was president has relaxed. At this time, more than 60 percent of people in the countries of Italy, Poland, France and Spain have a favorable view of the United States, according to Yahoo! News.

In other parts of the world, in the Asian and Pacific regions of the globe, the United States is viewed quite favorably as well. The Philippines, South Korea all have a favorable opinion of the United States. The three countries, according to the survey, believe it is important for their nations to have strong ties to America. Beyond ties to the U.S., there are other reasons nations express positivity toward the country.

For example, America is believed to have scientific and technological achievements which parts of the world find to be very positive. The U.S. is also well liked for its ways of doing business and for its popular culture. In recent years, there are parts of the world who find the United States to have a soft power which is found to be appealing as well.

The Top 10 Countries that Love the United States

(country, percent of favorability)

1. Philippines – 92 percent

2. Israel – 84 percent

3. South Korea – 82 percent

4. Kenya – 80 percent (tie)

4. El Salvador – 80 percent (tie)

6. Italy – 78 percent

7. Ghana – 77 percent

8. Vietnam – 76 percent (tie)

8. Bangladesh – 76 percent (tie)

10. Tanzania – 75 percent (tie)

10. France – 75 percent (tie)

The Top 10 Countries that Hate the United States

(country, percent of favorability)

1. Egypt – 10 percent

2. Jordan – 12 percent

3. Turkey – 19 percent

4. Russia – 23 percent

5. Palestinian territory – 30 percent

6. Greece – 34 percent

7. Pakistan – 41percent (tie)

7. Lebanon – 41 percent (tie)

9. Tunisia – 42 percent

10. Germany – 51 percent

The survey was conducted by Pew Research Center last year. There were 39 countries involving 36,653 interviews. The report compares countries’ impressions of the United States and China in an effort to display which country is favored and disfavored by nations throughout the globe.

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