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‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ starts Monday; 4 ways fans can be ready

Ready? “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” hits the airwaves on Monday and fans couldn’t be more excited for the late night talk show. After the long-distance studio switch from Burbank to New York, the show will debut in the Big Apple with Jimmy Fallon at the helm. On Sunday CNN suggested that nobody knows quite how the show is expected to debut with the new talk show host. While Jimmy Fallon is getting ready to start his new talk show, there are a few things fans can do to be ready for Monday night’s show too.

It’s probably easiest to honor the transition by picking up a six-pack. Soda, water or booze (we encourage the later) and have it ready in the refrigerator to celebrate when the new “Tonight Show” starts. Offer Jimmy a toast and raise your bottle to the TV when he walks on stage.

Practice your “Eww” voice when a commercial comes on. OK, yes, ads keep the lights on, but still “Eww.” And it’s a great way to honor a character that Jimmy Fallon has made famous. Saying it over and over will offer a good laugh while waiting for Jimmy to come back on and it’s a great way to mock those commercials.

The “Tonight Show” fans need to buy some grapefruit sorbet and eat a spoon or two. As everyone knows this is a new generation for the talk show so it’s important to cleanse the palate per se. Grapefruit sorbet is served in fancy restaurants between courses and it should work watching TV too. If you don’t sorbet, then ice cream will work just fine!

And finally when Jimmy Fallon comes on you television in his new time spot, rush to your door and scream as loud as you can to let the neighbors know. As a PSA to your community it’s a way to say welcome to the neighborhood Jimmy Fallon!

Good Luck to Jimmy Fallon on Monday night. May this be the beginning of great late night television for years to come!

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