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'The Tomorrow People' to return to The CW on Jan. 15

'The Tomorrow People' to return to The CW on Jan. 15
'The Tomorrow People' to return to The CW on Jan. 15
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"The Tomorrow People", The CW's newest science fiction show will be returning after winter hiatus on Jan. 15 to it's regular Wednesday 9:00 pm EST time slot.

"The Tomorrow People" is based on the British children's television show that aired in the 1970's. It is about humans who developed telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis and are hunted down by a human group called Ultra.

The main character Stephen, played by Robbie Arnell, is the nephew of the head of Ultra, the son of the missing leader of the Tomorrow People, and the chosen one. He spends the entire episodes trying to hang on to his human friends and worlds while also getting to know the Tomorrow people. He is currently working undercover for his uncle to find out how he can save the mutants from extinction.

The show is written by Greg Berlanti, Phil Klemmer and Julie Plec. Greg Berlanti is the co creator for "Arrow" and the writer for "Green Lantern". Julie Plec is producer and writer for "The Vampire Diaries" and co creator of "The Originals".

The CW has not yet confirmed if "The Tomorrow People" was going to be renewed for next season. There are currently nine more episodes before it's March 31, finale. But, it is hopeful that this show will continue.

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