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The to-do list for all parents this fall

The power of using powerpoint presentations
The power of using powerpoint presentations
Photo by Ken Ishii

This year schools systems in the Greater Richmond area have made some major changes. This is the year to look for updates that will having a lasting positive effect on your child or young adult. So this to do list, includes what to purchase, what to expect, and what you should do from the week-end to the first month after school starts.

1. Receiving laptops. Chesterfield and Henrico Counties will begin their middle school students this year with the use of a Chromebook or laptop, respectively. Also, Henrico will have at least one computer available for elementary students to use in all classes. According to Richmond-Times Dispatch, students can receive Internet access at home for $9.99 per month from Comcast if parents don’t have access. Or students should be able to use them at local public libraries. If your child is in middle school, and doesn’t already have one at home, be aware that you may need to purchase a book bag, with an insert, or separate padded section to separate the laptops for other items in the bag. This protects the laptop, when from home to school. Chesterfield will expect parents to replace or repair the laptop if it becomes damaged, or infected with a virus. Make sure that your middle-schooled student does not use the laptop for anything but school purposes, to keep unwanted websites from infecting the computer. Visit school websites and attend meetings to ensure your child or young adult is doing what’s expected with the new laptop.
2. Communication systems .Henrico County has a new system for getting updates, where the parent has to create an account. This system includes transportation schedules, school lists and other pertinent information. If you live in Chesterfield County, ensure that you work with their current system for updates, which will be given to you on Parent Night, if you are a first time parent using the system, in September. Simultaneously, parents from other school systems should check the website for news and information.
3. Grading scales. Almost all Greater Richmond area students, in exception for Colonial Heights, Hanover, Powhatan, and New Kent are changing the grading scales, this will effect elementary and middle school students, as many high schools have already updated their grading scales.
4. News for city schools. The City of Richmond and Petersburg school systems have made changes to their school programs as well. Students in these school systems are now able to receive free breakfast and lunch programs for all students. This change is based on the school system has low headcount which may average their income on a lower scale, thus entitling to all students being able to receive free breakfast and lunch. Richmond states that all students have to complete an application if requesting the free program. Also, the City of Richmond is making changes in their attendance procedure. After 10 absences, student who take off from school will need approval for any additional absences regardless of the reason.
5. College parents. For parents of college students, visit Bed, Bath and Beyond who now has a college registry for students. The website has great college tips available online through videos and articles, as well as a complete list for college students who live on or off campus housing (

Good luck this fall!

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