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The Tip List For New Year's Eve!

The end of an era has come into fruition once again...better stated, the end of a year is beginning.

With the descention of one year and the ascension of a new one, the traditional value of celebration makes itself ever-present into the lives that we now lead. Unless you're Catholic, New Year's brings the year, and the holiday season, to a streaming close. As the door snaps shut on to 2010, and 2011's door gets opened anew, the rush of the holiday stress makes New Year's Eve a good time to celebrate, spend time with friends and family, blow off some steam, and, of course, drink.

The nightlife of Eureka may not be as great as that as other areas, but as far as New Years' is concerned, the potential for memorable fun will, unlike 2010, never die!

Here are a few straight-laced tips to make 31 December, 2010, a celebration that you will remember (or not remember due to the blacking out) for many years to come.

The 2010 New Year's Eve Tip List:

1) Create a Theme For the Night:

2010 had an individual memory for each person who experienced it. New Year's Eve is the last night where you get to experience a shared memory of the year among friends. The best way to grant a shared memory upon each other is give a direct theme to the night. The author of this article, for example, will be partaking in the "Champagne Campaign" (all Champagne...all night...all fun)! Like the array of people in a bar crowd, there is an array of themes to choose from. It can be based on dressing up (Black and White Night, Pimps and Hoes Party, Pajama Party, etc), based on a person ("Baby New Year Night," "Abraham Lincoln Appreciation Day," etc), or just based on something ridiculous that the particioners know will make each other laugh ("Sandwich Night, etc). The themes available are only limited to the imagination of the person who is leading the crowd. So lead the crowd, and have a theme for your New Years' Eve.

2) Pregame:

To head to the bars or nightclubs in Eureka without prior consumption of alcohol means: loss of money, waste of more money to get drinks, and not that "good feeling" that those in society like to call "buzzed" when in reality they have said it repeatedly the whole evening after 7 drinks, and after falling into a solid surface. The art of pregaming lets the group in question unite, visit, share company, and preps everyone for the night to come. In many ways, pregaming sets the mood for the entire evening. It is important to welcome pregame time into the schedule of an event such as New Yeas' Eve. For lack of pregaming, means a lack of that desire to have fun. And a lack of fun, means a lack of failed joy.

3) Take Time During The Pregaming Stage To Enjoy Some Sort of Play:

It can be horseplay, it can be a card game, a boardgame, or even (and recommended) a simple drinking game, or even storytelling. Some sort of playful activity during the pregaming stage of the night helps to boast moral and stir up confidence and joy within the group.

4) Eat Food:

Have some sort of food before going out to the bars. More-than-likely, the celebration will escalate as the night storms on, and so will the drinking. Food helps to absorb some of the alcohol that will be diving its way into your liver.

5) Keep An Eye Out:

....for anything and everything. New Years is one of "those" kinda nights.

6) Have Fun:

Dance. Sing. Share good times with friends. Have a beer (or 5). Compliment the person next to you. Then compliment the person next to them. Then apologize for complimenting a man when you yoursef are, in fact, also a man of heterosexual origin. The main thing of New Years is to have fun, bask in it! Ring in 2011 like you are ready or it! And if you feel that need, aim for that midnight kiss! It's an old way of granting good luck to yourself and others in the coming year. Let the luck run to you in 2011 and on New Years' Eve!

Always tip your bartender!


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