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The timing and temptation of sexuality


Many people who focus upon spiritual development argue that sexuality is a distraction. They insist that a focus upon bodily sensation drains our understanding of divine potential.

However, the lack of intimacy is one of the major deterrents of inner peace and satisfaction. The argument is not over the sinfulness of sexuality. Rather, the lesson is that intimacy and affection create personal happiness and inner satisfaction.

There are evolved souls who have minuscule sex drives, and these people are the best candidates for celibacy. However, everyone can partake of the gifts of spirit as sexual beings.

 (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

The lesson is to understand the timing and temptation of sex. That which seeks to keep us in bondage to an illusion always uses sexual temptation to make us squander opportunities for personal and spiritual advancement.

Many men and women are tempted to satisfy deep longings for intimacy at the exact moment they are being tested to determine whether they can receive a greater blessing from divinity.

During a discernment or testing period, choosing sexuality with someone is not bad, per se. No, all it does is demonstrate that the seeker is more interested in sexuality with a human being than a deeper personal revelation of God.

So if the aspirant chooses sex in a time of testing, he or she is gifted a relationship with human characteristics that are usually of a lower spiritual vibration than if they had abstained from the stimulation and chosen to seek a higher understanding.

Sex is not bad, and it is a wonderful expression between people who are committed to one another. The expression of sexual intimacy is a blessing from God, so that men and women can enjoy the trust of intimate union, coupled in many instances with the ability to produce life.

Do not get caught up in the debate over the sinfulness of sexuality. Rather, ask yourself what is the highest payoff I can receive at this moment given the opportunities I have.

Often, the payoff is divine union with another person we cherish. However, if it is just orgasmic release, then perhaps God can provide us a higher blessing by waiting for someone we cherish.

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