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The times they are, uh, changing

Recreational marijuana
Recreational marijuana
Photo by Theo Stroomer/Getty Images

The overall attitude towards marijuana has changed vastly in the past few years. Marijuana use was, up until fairly recently, relegated to teenage use in the minds of the public, as adults who partake would generally treat it as they would their sexual practices, only behind closed doors. However, now the advances in scientific studies toward marijuana combined with the legalization for medical use has changed the environment of public perception completely.

In a recent CNN poll 73% of those surveyed believed Marijuana was less dangerous than alcohol and 55% supported legalization. Twenty out of fifty states plus the District of Columbia have legalized some form of medical marijuana, and two have made the plunge to legalize recreational sale and use with more expected to join them in 2014 ballot initiatives.

​For the first time, publicly supporting marijuana legalization is not being considered a career killer. Editorialists in national publications are starting to speak out in favor of marijuana. FOX Sports is discussing the possibility of a Marijuana Bowl. Even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is supportive of medical marijuana now.

It isn't just medical reasons or the failure of the Drug War that is catching the people's attention, though. There is also a lot of focus on the potential money to be made through legalization. Not only is there revenue to make through taxation, but there is money to be saved that no longer needs to be spent on law enforcement. The changes so far have already had a positive turn, even in states that have yet to legalize.

Speaking solely through anecdotes and observation, there seems to be a decline in the Mexican-drug-cartel marijuana being consumed in favor of the now-easier-to-get American grown varieties. Those against legalization may see that as a bad thing, for some strange reason, but the truth is it is a very good thing. Who would you rather have get the money, Mexican drug cartels or good old, non-murdering, American farmers?