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The Timeless Appeal of Koi Ponds

A beautifully wrought koi pond will stop people in their tracks when they visit your landscape or garden. Koi ponds add elegance and serenity to any setting. Moreover, koi are especially resilient fish and are ideal for residents who want to experience the beauty of a wildlife pond without the burden of daily maintenance. Consequently, koi ponds are increasing in popularity for landscape design. Many homeowners are considering having landscape contractors install garden ponds and adding koi. If you are interested in adding this type of feature to your landscape, the following tips can help.

Koi are hearty fish the can adapt to many enviroments

Koi Fish History
An ornamental variety of carp, koi are a favorite outdoor garden pond fish. Although historians believe these decorative fish may have originated in Persia or other parts of western Asia, they eventually made came to be commonly associated with the Eastern gardens of China and Japanese landscape design. The Japanese are revered for breeding koi and promoting their colorful mutations. The Chinese believed that koi could bring good luck; this idea made them popular throughout Asia. Today, koi are found in garden ponds the world over.

The Benefits of Koi

Koi are incredibly popular garden fish because they are so hardy. They have the ability to survive through winter in many varying climates, making them an ideal species for a number of locations. Koi are also very pleasant to witness in warm months as they are very playful, active and entertaining. Many homeowners even enjoy hand-feeding these fish. On of their main benefits is many types of koi enjoy long lives, so owners can really get to know them and their unique habits. Koi are also beautiful to behold and will add a captivating dimension to any landscape.

Maintaining Koi for Long Life
Although koi are typically quite healthy, they do have some maintenance needs. Koi require an adequate amount of oxygenation in their water. Moreover, as they grow, their oxygen needs will increase. An aeration device is often installed in order to maintain a good oxygen balance for the pond. A landscaping contractor that specializes in the installation of garden ponds and water fetures can help you achieve a healthy pond for your fish. More importantly they can install the proper water filtration as koi require good water quality to live a long and healthy life. It's also important to ensure that owners remain vigilant and on guard for predators like neighborhood cats a racoons. A landscaping contractor will be able to design your koi pond at sharp angles at the edges that extend down 2 or 3 feet. This is the best defense against wild animals as they are to small to reach the koi and will avoid falling in the water.

Garden Pond Installation
While many people enjoy the prospect of a do-it-yourself project, a pond is not the easiest garden feature to install. Moreover, one that is meant to house fish needs to be designed especially for that purpose. A landscaping contractor that specializes in Japanese landscaping and water features can help residents design an ideal pond for any type of landscape. Their reliable expertise will result in a pond that makes an enchanting home for koi and a splendid feature for you to enjoy.

No matter what style of landscape and garden you have, you will likely enjoy the installation of a koi pond. You'll find that watching these fish is a tranquil experience. Visitors to your home will marvel at your setting and likely wish they had a similar feature at home too!

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