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The timeless allure of Spain

Tourists enjoy cocktails on a popular Spanish beach
Tourists enjoy cocktails on a popular Spanish beach
Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Vacations in Spain provide a unique and engaging experience for travelers throughout the world. The country features classic Mediterranean-Moroccan characteristics, from its renaissance cathedrals to its stunning gardens and fountains. Perfect for family vacations, Spain features a vast array of beaches, activities, and natural wonders. It also boasts a stimulating nightlife and engaging entertainment.

Popular Beaches

Playazo Beach is Spain's most rugged shoreline, and although its texture is rough and uneven, many families who prefer a secluded atmosphere enjoy spending the day at Playazo Beach. This area features high rocks that offer visitors protection from the elements. The Playazo shoreline is also ideal for those who wish to obtain unique photographs.

The Playa El Cristo beach is perfect for visitors with young children. It features an unusual sheltered cove that slopes gradually into to the sea. Fresh fish can be found at this beach at one of several outdoor cafes, the latter of which also serve cocktails after 7pm.

Sabinillas Beach is a local fishing area where one can view fishermen as they go about their day's work. This beach is wide and long and has particularly fine, soft sand, making it popular with both visitors and residents.


Many families consider guided excursions an enjoyable way to experience their sojourn in Spain, and a wide selection of options exists in this venue. One can participate in a horse and carriage ride, a jeep safari, or a bus tour to the most interesting attractions in the area. Families can also choose a bus tour of Spain's primitive side, which offers a glimpse into the country's rustic wilderness.

Finding Ideal Accommodations

There is a wide selection of venues from which to choose regarding vacation accommodations in Spain. Therefore, something suitable can be found to fit essentially every lifestyle and budget. Families can make reservations online or through their local travel agent. They also have the option of renting a unit directly from a local resident.

Regardless of one's individual objectives for his or her trip, Spain is an intriguing and diversified country in which to spend leisure time. With so much variety and beauty, this engaging part of the world offers travelers unforgettable memories they will treasure for a lifetime.