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The Time Is Now To Shop

If you are a frugal shopper as I am, then now is the time to go shopping. I love this part of the year when the season is getting to change, and all of the current season prices have been slashed. I have caught some really good sales in the last couple weeks. The sales range from 50%-75% off clearance prices. Yes, I said off the clearance price, which is almost garage sale like prices.

I get so excited that I forget to eat when I'm taking advantages of great sales like these. If you didn't buy the boots you wanted this season because of price, you may now find them over half off. I purchased two pair of boots yesterday at Catherine's, and I only paid $22 for them. That is only 1/4 of what they actually cost.

I had not purchased them thus far because of price and I was not sure if the calf would be wide enough for my calves if purchased online. I was presently surprised to find the boots I had been looking for at Catherine's. I just didn't think of them when considering places to buy boots. While out shopping for a suit, I found so many great bargains. Not only do the boots fit my calves comfy, they come all the way up to my knees. I will remember Catherine's

Get out and take advantages of these sales now, they will be ending soon. I cannot express the urgency enough. You will wish you made the purchases now at half price, then waiting to later and paying full price. End of season is a great reason to get out and shop, and have fun ladies!!

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