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The time has come to see what Tebow can do

Tim Tebow (shown throwing yesterday against San Diego) should start the remainder of the season for the Broncos
Tim Tebow (shown throwing yesterday against San Diego) should start the remainder of the season for the Broncos
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Five weeks into the season, we FINALLY get to see what Tim Tebow can do!

Before you misinterpret my exuberance, I am not a so-called "Tebow-maniac." I don’t see the world through Gator-colored glasses. I can’t say for sure that he is the answer for a Broncos franchise mired in the middle of it’s worst multi-year stint in more than a generation. In fact, I have some serious misgivings about #15’s ability to become a consistently viable NFL quarterback.

However, the organization used a first-round draft pick to take Tebow, so I am ready to see what the unconventional kid can do.

Bottom line: Denver needs to find out what it has in Tebow and waiting until December to play him in the final three or four games of a lost season would not have provided the sample-size required to make a truly informed decision.

In today’s NFL, there is one way to build a winner: through the draft. Therefore, it’s critical that Denver make the most of their selections in the forthcoming years—particularly in 2012, where a number of quarterbacks are expected to warrant a first-selection.

The biggest question that will face Broncos Brass in 2012: use what will likely be a high first round pick on one of these potential “quarterbacks-of-the-future” or try to fill one of a number of other holes with the pick? Thanks to Tebow presumably getting the call for the remainder of the year, the Broncos will be able determine his long-term worth and (hopefully) make the appropriate call.

For all the talk of Orton giving the Broncos the best chance to win or the locker room getting “lost” in the event he get benched, reality is the Broncos were remarkably ineffective with him at the helm. Orton’s non-descript demeanor did little to rally a team that was anywhere from sluggish to horrid through the season’s first four-and-a-half games.

The move is coming none-too-soon. Let’s find out what the former Heisman-winning jump passer can do. If he appears to have what it takes to be an NFL quarterback, then the organization has its franchise guy and can use its premium picks to address other issues. If not, then cut bait and draft a signal caller early.

Either way, the clock should be set to Tebow time.


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