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The Time Has Come for a Change in the Marriage Laws

There comes a time throughout the course of human history when must all stand up to fight for what is right, to fight the tyranny that comes at us and our way of life from all different angles and to have the courage and strength it takes to make the necessary changes to preserve and protect traditions, freedoms and the values our country was founded upon. Recently we here in Indiana have taken an important first step in standing up to protect those very things with the passing of the proposed amendment to the state constitution to ban same-sex marriages. The measure will now be moved on to the ballot in 2016. Early indications are that the voters will approve the proposal, but will that be enough to protect the religious values of traditional marriage and stop the attempts of the same-sex marriage proponents from continuing to push for the "right" of everyone to marry whomever they choose? Then answer is almost certainly 'NO!'
So, how do we go about solving the problem of granting same-sex couples the rights they desire that come with marriage, and frankly should be permitted to have without changing the very definition of the word? Some suggest that civil unions is the answer, but since a representative of Freedom Indiana told me in an unsolicited phone call that obtaining those rights through a civil union is not good enough, they want the word marriage, it would appear that approving civil unions would only be a temporary solution. Constitutionally speaking we cannot grant certain rights to one group and withhold them from another. Also Constitutionally speaking we are guaranteed freedom of religion and with that freedom from government interference in expressing and following our religion. Since government has declared marriage comes with certain rights and privileges (thus already interfering with our rights to freedom of religion), it creates a problem as to how to not withhold rights of a certain group, without trampling on the rights of another. The only real solution is to take government and government issued rights completely out of marriage and give marriage back to the church since it IS a religious institution. Make these privileges a separate issue available to anyone 18 and older choosing to live together if they wish to have them by filing separate paperwork declaring their living situation and desire to obtain these rights. After all is it really the intent of those opposed to same-sex marriage to prevent them from saying who can or cannot visit them in the hospital or who does or does not have the ability to make decisions for them in the event they cannot make the decisions themselves? And why should the same kind of tax breaks not be given to any 2 adults living in the same household, sharing expenses who wishes to file together? When we get right down to the heart of the matter, it's hard to find anyone who is really opposed to allowing grown adults to make these decisions and have these same kind of rights, whether they agree with the lifestyle they are living or not. What the real issue is government involvement and interference in a highly religious institution and protecting our religious freedoms, the very thing this nation was founded on.
This kind of change may seem impossible to accomplish but so did a bunch of colonists beating the mighty British. It's time we start making bold changes and taking back our freedom and doing away with government intrusion and overreach. Taking government out of the marriage equation is the only way this issue will ever be fully resolved.

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