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The Tiger Woods scandal -- Could it happen to you?


Tiger Woods' family

If you have turned on a television this week, then you have likely heard something about the Tiger Woods scandal. He has allegedly had an affair with at least one other person, which shatters our image of the immaculate athlete, but at the same time, gives him a human quality that many of us can relate to. Unfortunately for Tiger, a voice mail has leaked, essentially busting him. He issued a statement of apology today, but is that enough?

No doubt some of us have experienced similar scandal in our own lives. Whether you have been the cheater or the one cheated on, it is never an easy situation to deal with, let alone in the public eye. Tiger Woods has always kept his personal and professional lives separate, which is part of the reason the country was and is shocked by the allegations. Even though you might not be as famous as Tiger Woods, would you know if your spouse is cheating? Here are some tell tale signs:

"I love you but I'm not in love with you."
If you have ever heard these words from your spouse, a huge red flag should be raised. Your spouse may feel a loving bond with you, but passion can override this bond and cause your spouse to lose sight of his or her true feelings.

"We are just friends."
If your spouse is spending more and more time with someone, chances are there is more than just a friendships there. Your spouse may feel he or she has a lot in common with their new friend and is trying to justify that it is only a friendship. However, this is the most predictable excuse for a cheater, so take the warning sign seriously.

A sudden need for privacy.
If your spouse all of sudden develops a sudden urge and need for privacy, consider yourself warned. Your spouse might password protect his or her computer, phone, hide cell phone or credit card bills, and accuse you of snooping if you ask why the sudden change. This is a BIG warning sign!

"I need some space to figure out my feelings."
Men and women who are involved with someone other than their spouse will blame their feelings for them wanting to spend time away from your or the family. They are really just looking for more freedom in order to see this person.

Regular working habits change.
Working late, putting in more work hours, or going to work at odd times are definitely indications of a cheating spouse. Be careful!

Spending large amounts of time on the computer.
Today, you do not even have to leave your home if you are looking for an affair. With social networking and chat rooms, it is far too easy for someone to cheat emotionally if not physically.

Secretive phone calls or more time spent on the phone.
Emotional affairs occur primarily via the phone, especially cell phones. If you find your spouse hanging up suddenly when you enter the room or erasing the history on the cell phone and becoming defensive when asked about it, then you might want to check your phone records.

Behavior that just doesn't add up.
Not being where he/she was expected to be, missing time they cannot explain, finding money that is not accounted for, receipts for things you do not have, missing clothing, and being caught in little lies about the details of the day are signs he or she might be cheating.

Your own fears and suspicions.
Trust your intuition. If you find yourself making excuses for your spouse's behavior, it is time you sit down with your spouse. Intuition is a strong indicator of all things wrong (and right), so do not ignore it.

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