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The Tiger Next Door: movie showings will help support Black Pine Animal Park

Have you ever thought it would be fun to raise a real lion or tiger? Did you know there are currently more tigers raised in captivity in America than exist in the wild worldwide? If you love big cats and other animals or are just curious to hear both sides of the exotic pet story, Fort Wayne Cinema Center is presenting The Tiger Next Door, a movie about an Indiana man who raised tigers.  Proceeds from these showings will benefit Black Pine Animal Park, an exotic animal sanctuary in Albion where some of the tigers from this movie now live.

The Tiger Next Door has been critically acclaimed, and presents the issues surrounding exotic pets without merely portraying the pet owners the villains. The tiger owner in the movie is just a guy who really loves tigers. The problems with tiger ownership are also presented.  The movie is actually suitable for children. This would be a great family movie outing, enjoying a fascinating tiger documentary with the proceeds benefiting the tigers.

The Tiger Next Door will be shown at the downtown location (437 E. Berry St.) The  showtimes are 4 PM Saturday, April 24, 4 PM Sunday April 25, and 6:30 PM Monday and Tuesday. After the Sunday showing, there will be a film discussion hosted by Black Pine Animal Park. For more information, call Fort Wayne Cinema Center at 426-3456, or contact Black Pine Animal Park at (260) 636-7383.