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The Tide is rolling in to Baton Rouge

Miles has a big hurdle this weekend
Miles has a big hurdle this weekend
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  • Stephen 5 years ago

    Fact check: the Iron Bowl is in Tuscaloosa this year (not on the Plains, which is what Auburn is referred to).

    And do you really expect to earn any sort of journalistic respect when you use such 4th grade non-words as 'walk-thru's?'

  • Profile picture of Ryan Morse
    Ryan Morse 5 years ago


    I stand corrected; the game is in Tuscaloosa and I have edited that portion of the article. However, due to my disinterest in your so called "journalistic respect" walk-thru's will remain in the article. If you're interested in respected jounalism, please read many of the national sunshine pumpers that flood the net. I'm sure you will find what you are looking for. Here, you will read straight forward, southern opinions about LSU football from a fan, not some Ph.D. from Jounalism U. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

  • RudeDog 5 years ago

    Well Jefferson and Lee are playing aren't they? This one might be a game if our defense can keep it close late otherwise same song asd dance as the past few years.

  • Displaced Tiger Fan 5 years ago

    Hey Stephen,

    Do you enjoy living in your folks basement? How does it feel to be a grown man and still have your mom fix you a snack? Some of us enjoy the straight forward football talk that we get here. Chances are you will read this when you finish playing your game of chutes and ladders by yourself on a Friday night.

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