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The Tick-Tock Tavern and Eatery typifies Midwestern Spirit

The Tick Tock Tavern & Eatery is Midwestern personified.
The Tick Tock Tavern & Eatery is Midwestern personified.
Nathan Caldwell

If something can be as 'American as apple pie,' then the Tick Tock Tavern and Eatery is as 'Indiana as a sycamore tree.

Located on Canal Road in Lafayette, the Tick Tock Tavern and Eatery is a perfect mix between a country restaurant and a charming Midwestern watering hole. This is proven by the interior setting, the clientèle, and by their consistent choice of country music on the jukebox. A bar area occupies half of the establishment, while the other half consists of group seating. Tick-Tock-hosted events, from corn-hole tournaments, to NASCAR potluck watch parties, are listed behind the bar. The entire space sparkles of 'Hoosier Hospitality.'

'Hoosier Hospitality,' is a source of pride within Indiana. In this case, it means supreme home-cooked food. The Tick Tock features meals prepared with a personal touch. A country breakfast can prepare a patron for hard work throughout the day. For lunch and dinner, the Tick Tock features everything from ribs to an Indiana delicacy, tenderloins. These hand-crafted meals are also featured as specials throughout every day and evening throughout the week.

Beer in this bar is presented in a Midwestern, no-nonsense manner via tap or bottle and can. American domestics are what a beer drinker will taste here. While seemingly limiting, this set of choices branches out from the main group of Miller, Budweiser, and Coors. If someone has a taste for Pabst, or Schlitz, they might just find it at the Tick Tock.

If a weary traveler has a taste for cold beer and home-made, authentic Indiana fare, they will find it at the Tick-Tock Tavern and Eatery.