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The Three.....Rockin' in Boise

THE THREE (from left to right): Stephen Baldassarre, Joe Baldassarre and Chas Bauer
THE THREE (from left to right): Stephen Baldassarre, Joe Baldassarre and Chas Bauer
Photo by Drjoeb

Joe Baldassarre is a man of many musical talents. Holding a masters degree in Musicology, he moved to Boise from Cleveland, OH., more than half a lifetime ago. Joe has a doctorate in Classical Guitar and was the Head of Guitar Studies and Music History at BSU for many, many years. Joe was an excellent "Studio Guitar Player" back in Cleveland and appeared on a few hit songs in the 60's and 70's.

Joe's latest endeavor is a group called “The Three.”

The Three is a “power trio” made up of Joe on double neck guitar, Chas Bauer on Bass and Joe's son, Stephen Baldassarre, on drums. Joe and Chas share the lead vocals and Stephen sings back up. One of the cool things about the band is that they “dress up” for their performances. At their last gig at The Reef, here in Boise, Joe donned a 1915 Cleveland Indians Baseball Uniform, Chas was decked out in a Big Black Hat and a Black Silk Cape, while Stephen, his face half shaven, was wearing an old Leather Pilots Cap over a Tie-Dyed T-Shirt. It’s hard to put a tag on “The Three’s” music. You could say that they play music from the 1970’s but that would be misleading. Music from the 70’s seems to be associated with James Taylor, Cat Stevens and other “Soft Rock Acts”. But The Three prefer to play the harder stuff of the era. A peek at their set list reveals songs from Grand Funk Railroad, The Who, Creem, Jimi Hendrix and Bad Company. Since my first concert was Grand Funk and Black Sabbath, I loved this band right from the start. Joe has many guitars (including quite a few vintage Rickenbackers) but when he’s playing with The Three, he favors a White Double Neck 1999 Epiphone SG. Getting gigs in the Boise area is tough for The Three. You really have to see them perform “live” to understand what their act is all about. 

Joe Baldassarre has recorded many things, his most most recent CD’s are “Young Jane” a folk music record with half fingerpicking songs and half vocals. “Luter” is comprised of Authentic Medieval Music. On it he plays 15 instruments. 

You never know where The Three is going to pop up next, so keep an eye out. With the talent in this band, they’ve got to be playing somewhere.