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The three “R’s” of the resume

Every time you send out a cover letter and resume do you know that you’ve covered the three “R’s” of the resume? What and why are these important to getting that job interview? They answer the character questions the interviewer has in a candidate. Does your resume shout results oriented, relevant to the position and have you demonstrated the responsibility necessary to perform the job?

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Results oriented

So many resumes revolve around job experience over the proven results from or at a given position. Of course it’s essential to mention your work history but only in the context or framework of proven results there. "Just the facts Man." They will respond to numbers, percentages that you increased sales etc.

Relevance to the position

From the eyes of the letter receiver what matters most is how your resume, your experience relates to their position. All too often candidates draw up a great looking resume but if it’s irrelevant to the position, the company it ends up in the circular file fast. That’s why custom, tailor made resumes and cover letters lead to job interviews.


Gather all the data, all the responsibilities you’ve carried on your shoulders at your various positions. If you’re a manager elaborate on how many you’ve supervised, reveal a taste of your management style. You want to wet their appetite to interview you. You need them to understand that because of the three-R’s you are the perfect candidate for this position. After you’ve successfully proven to them that they can’t afford to miss-out on a chance to hire you-you’re on your way.


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