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The three most important qualities to look for in a guy (as told by a guy)

A guy friend of mine once said, “Don’t ever trust a guy until you meet his mother.” Bingo. He couldn’t be more correct. That piece of advice I will never forget. It’s true. I didn’t believe him at first…but then it clicked. A guy’s mother is the one woman that means the most to him, up until he falls in love. If he wants you to meet his mother, then he truly cares for you. If he’s never even mentioned his mother to you…run. Fast. Literally.

My friend then told me that the three most important qualities to look for in guy are respect, patience and honesty. I said to him, “Well, this guy doesn’t have honesty.” His response? “Well then honestly, he’s not worth your time.”

Let’s think about this logically. Sometimes you can get wrapped up in the idea of a man, instead of focusing on how he is actually treating you or others in his life. Respect is an extremely important quality for a man to have. If he can’t respect you when you are just getting to know him, then he’s never going to respect you. I’m not talking about opening car doors for you (I know THAT is rare) but I’m talking about how he treats you on a day-to-day basis. I think back to how certain guys have treated me and realize that if I had known how important respect is, I wouldn’t have wasted my time.

With patience, comes forgiveness. If a man doesn’t have patience, then it will be difficult to deal with issues that arise in relationships.

However, the biggest quality is honesty. This is also my pet peeve. I am completely over dealing with guys who lie. If you find that a guy is not being honest with you, give him one chance to find out why he was lying. Do not let him lie to you repeatedly and make you out to be a fool. No one deserves to be lied to constantly.

Dishonesty comes in the form of lying, but it also in the form of withholding information. A lot of guys don’t think they are being dishonest because they didn’t actually tell a lie, they just didn’t say anything at all. Withholding information is the same thing as lying. It all falls under being dishonest. These types of guys are the worst offenders, because they are just as arrogant as they are dishonest. Dishonest men are the type of men who cheat without any regard for anyone’s feelings but their own. Dishonest men most likely lack respect and patience, as well.

Dating can be hard enough as is, but don’t settle for someone that doesn’t treat you right. You should be picky. Look for a man – not a guy – that is respectful, patient and honest. And then maybe, if you're lucky, he will even introduce you to his mother.

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