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The three legacies that unite and save

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Did you know there are three legacies of Alcoholics Anonymous? They are there to protect the common welfare of the many autonomous groups and state that personal recovery depends upon AA unity. This singleness of purpose is very powerful.

The legacies of Recovery-Unity-Service are referring to the 12 steps of AA, the 12 traditions (read in most meetings) and the concepts which are not usually read in meetings but are understood in the administrative part of AA. Tradition 8 states that 'Alcoholics Anonymous should remain forever nonprofessional but our service centers may employ special workers.' Tradition 9 says 'AA, as such, ought never be organized: but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.

The 12 concepts of AA refer to the Board of Trustees, legal issues, financial incorporated services. AA has very few paid people and many high quality volunteers head these services. The concepts require good personal leadership with service authority being equal with service responsibility. Care and concern and pure humble service is the essence of all AA service work from being a Secretary of a group to the national service necessary to insure unity and all this is about supporting the suffering alcoholic that enters the doors of AA.

AA is one of the most altruistic movements in the world. When recovery of the individual is linked with unity of the group and service at all levels all set up so those that still suffer from the disease of alcoholism can have a place to land when broken and low is awesome to say the least. I believe we can safely say it is a very spiritual thing to do and AA is a spiritual program set up to bring an active alcoholic from darkness of addiction to the 'Sunlight' of the spirit and all this without being dogmatic or religious.

Back to the Concepts. The six warrantees of AA are: that we lead by example, funds are owned by AA itself, no conference member ever be placed in a position of unqualified authority over any others, that all important decisions be reached by discussion and vote, that no punitive actions be made nor public controversy be entered and that AA remain democratic in thought and action.

No wonder AA is alive and well in the world saving millions of lives one day at a time and all due to the humble well tested approach to the Three Legacies.