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The three hundred words

Down at the word mill it has been decided that three hundred words are an improvement over 200 words or; God help us, 150 words. Someone did a quality analysis and it was determined that, in this case, more is better.

There are people who are sure they are right about such things and they get paid to prove it. And, three hundred words aren’t many if one thinks about it. For God, there isn’t much difference between one and ten zillion; after all, who’s counting?

For the last reason mentioned above it is incumbent on the metaphysician to say “Wake T F Up!” And really that is the intent of any spiritual writing. How can words stop the mind from its endless meandering and realize one moment of connection with Source? Through intuition we receive our true connection with who we are in eternity and there isn’t a whole lot to read about in the Eternal Journal that sheds any light on the light.

There is a river of words that form the stream of the thinking mind through time. Most people are locked in fascination with this river and derive their identity out of thought which compares, repeats and imagines over and over again, what and who I am. You will get a different story every day. Someone said there were on the order of 60,000 thoughts a day but I don’t want to do the math so I won’t stand by that. You get the idea.

In Buddhism there is the image of ‘crossing the stream’. Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha is about a ferryman who brings people across a river. Siddhartha Gautama is the original Buddha.

In Self Realization or realizing I Am one must cross the river of thought to know Being without thought. This intuition is a completely new way of seeing the world and constitutes what Jesus called being ‘born again’.

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