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The threat to handcuff the free internet

The US internet does not belong to an international body
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As liberal as NYC is, you would think the liberal media would give new Mayor Bill DeBlasio a few passes here and there, especially with a platform of "a tale of 2 cities". Quite the contrary, this Mayor has been under a microscope for all sorts of things. First there were snow removal complaints. New Yorkers claimed the lack of timely snow plows clearing the roads caused major chaos and traffic jams that lasted for endless hours. Then the Mayor's cars were accused of driving over the speed limit and not obeying traffic laws. Recently the Mayor has been in the news for allegedly helping to spring a friend out of jail who had 2 outstanding arrest warrants for not showing up to court although the Mayor denies that allegation; and who can forget the controversy on the correct way to eat pizza? The most recent pushback was over charter schools and the media makes it clear, they will not back down on reporting the news.

This type of reporting is actually refreshing today. It's a surprise throwback to a time when media was for the people and the media's job was always to keep elected officials on their toes and ensure they were doing right, by the people. Media is very powerful and when the job is done right, real news reaches the public and allows for a form of checks and balances. TV and radio reaches a great amount of people in seconds and it’s why it’s so critical for news to be reported accurately. Conversely, the media can also do harm if it delivers falsities or paints a picture of a situation that isn't true; in some way an abuse of power. Depending upon the motive of the news outlet, this can have devastating results to a community, a city, state or even a country. Also, choosing not to report at all on breaking news events could also be catastrophic. Yet, many news organizations and media outlets retreat from reporting actual and factual national news, even at the loss of company profit because of ideology.

Everyday ‘Joes’ and ‘Marys’ go to work, attend school and live their lives, not knowing that Harry Reid and the democrats voted for the ‘nuclear option’, which now allows judicial nominees and executive office appointments to be selected by a majority of votes by senators; no longer requiring 60 votes. Was this a filibuster genius or a power grab that broke tradition and could bite back these senators in years to come?

Everyday ‘Sams’ and ‘Susans’ raise their kids, pay their bills and live their lives, not knowing that “when Obama-care was debated and passed in 2009 and 2010, none of its proponents, including the President, told the American people that the law granted the federal government the authority to bail out insurance companies at the expense of taxpayers….”(Marco Rubio). Most don’t even know who Marco Rubio is either.

Imagine how different election results would be if political news was not censored by the liberal owned media on radio, paper and t.v. Yet, this disease can be diagnosed and easily treated with more conservative marketing because of our free access to the internet. Wait. Obama wants a global body to control the United States internet instead of the United States. If you are reading this for the first time, ask yourself why. The answer: To censor the internet of facts this government disagrees with or wants to censor. America cannot blatantly censor the internet because of the 1st Amendment, however if the President hands the free US internet over to an international community, they legally can. They can even charge fees for internet access.

The more Americans know, the less the government can reliquish individual freedoms. While disheartened conservatives stay home, many liberals get out and vote, and of course to America’s detriment. Heartwarming, isn’t it?

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