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The Thompson Information

Today, Mr. Jeffrey E. Thompson, walked into the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia and entered into a plea deal with the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, headed by Mr. Ronald C. Machen.

Following Mr. Thompson’s court appearance and the federal prosecutor’s press conference, the news media flooded the twitter sphere with their version of the “sky is falling” around D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray.

The day’s events created a lot of news media buzz; however, it mostly was of a “sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal” signifying nothing new.

However, with this plea deal, Mr. Machen showed his hands. In this action coming a few weeks before the District’s April 1st primary Mr. Machen display his own form of political corruption. The timing of this plea is suspect.

Moreover, by possibly selectively omitting persons probably touched by Mr. Thompson, Mr. Machen may have also engaged in prosecutor misconduct.

It is clear Mr. Machen wants to indict Mr. Gray for possible crimes, but after three years there has not been any there there for him to file any federal charges.

So not having the bedroom goods on Mayor Gray, Mr. Machen uses paramour seconds to reveal supposedly intimate details of dalliances.

Mr. Machen is the darling of the news media. And he has been apparently willing to be pimped by The Washington Post publisher, Ms. Katharine Weymouth and District editorial writer Ms. Jo-Ann Armao to get Mayor Gray.

It does not matter what other presidential, congressional, mayoral, or council member candidates Mr. Thompson may have seduced with his special “Ambien” financial date rape drug, the directed prize for Mr. Machen is Mayor Gray.

Public trust and integrity are important; however, Ms. Weymouth and Ms. Armao have sacrificed their own in retribution for District voters rejecting former Mayor Adrian Fenty.

It is a hollow and empty declaration for Mr. Machen to vow his intent to root out all government “corruption” in the name public integrity, but seemingly only to target a possible Weymouth/Armao hit list of selected public officials.

The Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility reviews allegations made against Department of Justice attorneys. I wonder how busy it is right now.

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