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The Third Reich, Black Hercules, an invisible dog. Inception Media faves again

Doggone fun!
Doggone fun!
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We love when we hear about the latest new DVDs being released by Inception Media Group. These two are on our must-see list:

Called on by President Roosevelt, a daring team of special forces soldiers is assembled for a top-secret mission in 1944 Poland where a group of occultist Nazis is building an army of demon-possessed, super soldiers.
And so these allied special forces stage a daring raid on a Nazi fortress where they are attempting to raise a demon army in 101st: A-Company, coming to DVD and VOD March 11.
Trapped behind enemy lines, with no escape route, the enraged troops are forced to cooperate as they devise a plan to infiltrate the heavily fortified Third Reich lair. There, they must use their unique talents to take down the mad scientist, rescue kidnapped virgins and stop hell from boiling over.
If it takes guts, split-second timing and a whole lot of bullets … it’s a job for The Captain, The Sniper and Black Hercules, a.k.a. the 101st: A-Company.

Doggone it. On the same day comes a funnier tale (tail?)
When science nerd Chad Sheppard gets a chemistry set for his 13th birthday, little does he know he’s in for a much bigger surprise. While experimenting with the kit, his best friend, Abner, a big, furry sheepdog, suddenly starts talking before vanishing into thin air! Chad and his loyal, canine sidekick must save the day in the family-friendly comedy Abner the Invisible Dog.
Chad already has enough problems fighting off two bullies who want to wreck his chances with Sophie, the cute girl next door. Now, he has to hide an invisible, talking dog – who’s a bit of a wise guy–from his parents and figure out how to get everything back to normal … all while outwitting a pair of clumsy crooks who are determined to steal the top-secret formula that gave Abner his super-spy powers.
With his parents out of the house, Chad and his canine sidekick have to defeat the bad guys, get the girl and save the day.

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