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The things we take for granted

Who are you taking for granted?
Who are you taking for granted?
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Some people who are in relationships will tell you it is a lot of work.

When it comes to relationships in some cases some people will tell you just how difficult being in a relationship can be. Over time being with a person day in and day out year after year can become like a chore. It's just something that you do.

As the "This is just something you do," factor continues to take over so does one person taking the other person for granted.

When one person in the relationship starts to take the other one for granted that's when the relationship starts to fall apart. The expectations are there but the appreciation is long gone. An individual that starts to feel unappreciated will at some point shut down and stop doing the things they usually do. As a result the one who has the expectations will not only see the change they will feel the change as well.

When the norm changes and now instead of having the coffee ready in the morning for you before you go to work you now have to make it yourself. Instead of your clothes being neatly placed in your drawer after they have been washed now you have to wash them yourself. And, instead of waking up on Saturday morning and going to your favorite breakfast spot together now you don't go because you don't want to eat alone. This is what happens when things change as a result of taking the other person for granted.

When things get off track what can be done to get things back to what was once considered to be "The norm."

First the individuals can start off by sitting down and having a heart to heat talk about how they feel.

Next simply saying "I'm sorry," for taking you for granted and meaning it from the heart will go a long way. In some cases it will take a lot more effort but taking these simple steps in the beginning will help the relationship more than you realize.

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