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The thing every woman secretly wants

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We live in a hypocritical world in which it's easy to fall under the spell of social conditioning. Our society dictates the way we should look, act, what we should do, what we want and don't want. We process most of that information subconsciously as it's been served to us through popular media, magazines and television for decades.

Therefore, it can sometimes be hard to see what's hidden behind the curtains of propaganda. To see what we, as human beings, really are. We are biological beings with sexual needs. And guess what, contrary to the popular belief, those needs are nothing to be ashamed off. In our essence, we are all adventurous and thrill seeking, men and women both.

What Do Women Really Want?

Women want adventure, excitement, fun, same like men do. The only difference is that they're not allowed to want that. That's simply the way our society works. But why let that limiting belief system dictate our lives when we don't have to? According to recent research one of the most common fantasies men have are threesomes. Doesn't sound very surprising, does it? Well, guess what, it's one of the most common fantasies women have too!

If you're a young, healthy, open minded man you have probably thought about having a threesome and about how amazing it would be to experience that sort of unique, sexual euphoria. Don't worry, many women out there have been thinking about the exact same thing. This leads us to the conclusion that a threesome is every woman's fantasy. Yes, even your girlfriend's.

How To Have A Threesome?

If you have a girlfriend, you're probably wondering by now: How can I convince her to have a threesome? Let's be honest, it's a pretty daunting task, to say the least, or at least that's what it seems like. But, it really doesn't have to be. If you're thinking about a threesome, chances are your girlfriend is as sexually liberated as you are, or else you two wouldn't even be together. It's important to talk, talk and talk. That's all there is. Try to talk to your woman calmly, without putting any pressure on her. Start by talking about each others' sexual fantasies. Slowly steer the conversation in your direction and mention having a threesome. (See:How to set up a threesome)

It's important to remember that this is a gradual process, but if you talk about each others' fantasies before actually having "The Conversation", it will seem like a smooth transition into that topic. Make sure the conversation goes smoothly and add a bit of humor to it all, see how she reacts. If she confirms (and most probably will) that she thought about it before, don't insist on it. Talk about what it would be like for you two and what would she feel like about it. Keep in mind that she might feel a bit uncomfortable about this topic in the beginning. Don't make a big deal out of it. Make her realize that it's a completely natural, human sexual need. All women have felt a sexual attraction towards another women at some point in their lives.

How To Actually Make It Happen?

You talked to your girlfriend about it, she's turned on by the idea of having a third person involved into your sexual relationship, but still, a legitimate question arises: How to make it happen? Once you find a third person, make sure that you three go out at least a few times before that so you get to know each other. Take it slowly and try to gradually steer the conversation in that direction. Once all of you are in your bedroom, ready to make it happen, take it slowly and let it all unfold naturally. Remember, it is in it's essence completely normal and natural and there is no need to make a big deal out of having a threesome.

In the end, it's safe to say that sexual fantasies are a perfectly normal reflex humans have and it's a crying shame to run away from it. Why not simply embrace it? Why not enjoy your life and why not enrich your sexual life in way you never thought it was possible before? Don't let society dictate what's happening in your bedroom. After all, it's your bedroom and it's your life, you are the one who should be in control of it.

To easily set up a threesome the article "How to set up a threesome" discusses websites to sign up for and how to achieve a threesome.

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