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The texting craze - what does it rly mean?

Textually Active
Textually Active

How textually active are you? After 20 years of progressive advancements in messaging technology, texting is still as popular as ever. A full 92 percent of smartphone users use SMS as their primary messaging service. Back in 2000, about 14 billion texts were being sent per month. In 2000, that number skyrocketed to 188 billion! Believe it or not, men text more than women do—but women generally send longer, more detailed texts along with the occasional “I love you.” Men tend to view texting as a functional form of communication.

Most people say things via text they’d probably never say in person. For its ease and convenience, texting does not effectively communicate feeling, body language, tone or subtle inflections. This is real concern that our relationships are suffering as a result of texting and other technologies. Punctuation means a lot when it comes to texting. Periods might indicate you’re ready to end a conversation, and emoticons may signal an effort to liven up a conversation.

How textually active are you? Please share in the comments, and be sure to check out the full infographic here to learn more!