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The term 'Hot Mom' has never agreed with me

Mommy Confidence Matters More....
Mommy Confidence Matters More....

A confident, relaxed mom? Now that's hot.  states Niesha, the gal who wrote this article below. 

Being stylish and feeling healthy is one thing, bringing sex out into the open realm and attaching so closely to "parenthood" does seem a bit boundariless. Moms may work out, feel sexy and desire their partners, but do they have to publicly attach it to the naturalness of motherhood? Yes, you're a mom who has sex. But  you're also a woman who has sex. So why do have to pair them? Really?  I don't know, call me old fashioned  or read article below and decide for yourself. 

Regular moms under pressure to be 'hot,' too


  • PreschoolMommy 4 years ago

    Thanks so much for your post! It was great! Hope you will check out my stuff too, I am the Riverside Motherhood Examiner and author the preschool mommy blog! Just subscribed to your posts so hope to read more from you soon! I too never have agreed with the whole "Hot Mom" title...can't I just be a mom!!! Isn't that enough pressure!