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The ten plagues of the judgment of God against Egypt, part 5

The Bible, fact or fiction
The Bible, fact or fiction
Sterling Ministries

The ten plagues of the judgment of God against Egypt, part 5.

“In the first five plagues that God brought upon Pharaoh and Egypt in the opening chapters of Exodus, we have identified not merely five miracles, but thirteen miracles in all that God performed,” related the Reverend J.A. Layman, evangelist with Sterling Ministries, before The Lay School faculty here in Clinton, Tennessee. “Let us continue with our examination and look closely at the sixth and seventh plagues:

Plague/sign 6: (Exodus 9:8-12) this plague/sign was the blains (ulcerous inflammations) that appeared upon both man and beast including the Egyptian magicians (Exodus 9:10-11). Again notice that the Scripture never states that this plague/sign was ever removed – OUCH!

Plague/sign 7: (Exodus 9:13-26) this plague/sign was the storm of thunder and hail; notice the wording in verse 18: ‘a grievous hail, such as hath not been in Egypt since the foundation thereof even until now’. Nothing is mentioned specifically in this warning that the hail would be mingled with fire. Could that be another miracle, or merely a detail included in as part of the plague? The Scriptures record that this hail smote ‘both man and beast’, ‘every herb of the field and brake every tree of the field’ (Exodus 9:25), BUT, ‘Only in the land of Goshen, where the children of Israel were, was there no hail’, hallelujah, another miracle! But it didn’t end there because Pharaoh called for Moses and asked him to pray to God that there be ‘no more mighty thundering and hail’ (Exodus 9:28) and Moses did so and the thunder, hail, and rain ceased. Another miracle, but wait, what is this about ‘rain’ mentioned here as ending too? Could ‘rain’ be yet another ‘miracle’ called down upon Egypt at the command of Moses, or was it merely a part of the plague of hail and thunder? Most people read ‘rain’ as an adverb in verses 18 and 23, referring to the hail coming down, not as rainfall, yet verse 33 appears to allude to ‘the rain’, a noun, not being poured upon the earth, and verse 34 also uses ‘the rain’ as a noun, and ceasing when the hail and thunders did also. If the latter be the case, we have yet another miracle!

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