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The ten plagues of the judgment of God against Egypt, part 3

The Bible, fact or fiction
The Bible, fact or fiction
Sterling Ministries

The ten plagues of the judgment of God against Egypt, part 3.

“In the first sign (the rod turned to a serpent) and the first plague that God brought upon Pharaoh and Egypt (the water turned to blood), we have learned that there were actually five miracles, not two,” explained the Reverend J.A. Layman, evangelist with Sterling Ministries, before The Lay School faculty here in Clinton, Tennessee. “Let us consider the second and third plagues and see whether there are more miracles involved with them or not:

Plague/sign 2: (Exodus 8:1-15) This was the plague/sign of frogs (Exodus 8:6), which the Scripture states the Egyptian magicians were also able to conjure up (Exodus 8:7); another miracle; and, at the request of Moses, the Scriptures record in Exodus 8:13, ‘the frogs died out of the houses, out of the villages, and out of the fields’, yet another miracle!

Plague/sign 3: (Exodus 8:16-19) Pharaoh’s continued hardness of heart brought about the fourth plague/sign from God, the plague/sign of lice, but this time, the Scriptures record, the Egyptian magicians could NOT conjure up lice (Exodus 8:18). In fact, the Scripture records that the magicians told Pharoah, ‘This is the finger of God’ (Exodus 8:19) It is also worthy to note that the Scriptures never record that the plague of lice ever ended.

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