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The Ten Commandments of the Left

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There are actually 13 Commandments given to man by God and His Son, the Christ. Obama and the Left say the Bill of Rights is a group of “negative liberties” that tell government what they cannot do, and they are much like the Ten Commandments as all are directives of what you cannot do. The Bill of Rights restricts government from becoming tyrannical, but it doesn’t restrict men from breaking it any more than they are restricted from breaking the Commandments.

The Ten Commandments are well known. The Three Commandments of Christ, actually Two Commandments and the Great Commission to spread the Word are;

  1. Love God with all your heart, all your mind, all your spirit, and all your strength.
  2. Love your neighbor as yourself
  3. Tell others of Me, and if they will not hear your words, shake the dust from your feet and leave that place.

Here are the Ten Commandments of the Left (of liberties)

  1. There is no God
  2. Our imperious leader comes before any god
  3. If you must have gods you can have any except the Christian God
  4. Glorify the name of our imperious leader
  5. Remember the Tax Day and pay it happily
  6. Ignore thy mother and thy father for you instinctively know better than they
  7. You may kill anyone who does not follow the imperious leader
  8. You may have any kind of sex you want
  9. You may steal from the rich
  10. You may covet anything someone else has that you don’t

Captain America and the New World Order

The green coats are coming! The green coats are coming!

The additional three commandments of Leftist ideology by which they are to live are;

  1. Your king is your god
  2. Do unto others before they do unto you
  3. If anyone speaks the truth you are to mock and smear them as extremist nuts