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The Temple Institute has begun fundraising to build the prophesied Third Temple

Mark chapter 13 begins with the story about how as Jesus was going out of the Temple one of His disciples said something about how beautiful the stones and the buildings looked.

However, instead of looking at the beauty of those things, Jesus looked into the near future and prophesied that: “Not one stone shall be left upon another which will not be torn down.” (Mark 13:2 NASB)

That prophecy was fulfilled in 70 A.D. when the Roman army under the leadership of General Titus looted, burned, and demolished the beautiful Temple and many other buildings in Jerusalem as they were destroying the Jewish rebellion against Roman rule in their area.

Ever since the destruction of their Temple, the Jewish people mourn that loss on Tish B’Av and pray for it to be rebuilt.

My personal study of the Bible prophecies found in Daniel 9:27, Matthew 24:15, and 2 Thessalonians: 2:4 have shown me that there needs to be a rebuilt Temple in order for those prophecies to become fulfilled.

Although I had previously heard about groups of people who wanted to build the Third Temple; recently I saw the possibility of that starting to happen when I read the article titled: “Online Campaign to Build the Third Temple” on the July 28, 2014 edition of the online Israeli newspaper called Arutz Sheva (

“The Temple Institute, an organization in Jerusalem which works toward the rebuilding of the Third Temple, began a revolutionary campaign on Sunday to literally rebuild the Third Temple-through the power of crowdfunding.

“Headlined under the title, ’Don’t make history. Make the future, Build the Third Temple’ the indiegogo campaign promises that this generation of children is ‘ready’ to see the center of Jewish worship rebuilt, once for all. . . . ‘Now is the time for one of its most ambitious projects yet: completing architectural plans for the actual construction, fusing ancient texts and modern technology,’ the campaign description states. ‘While strictly adhering to the religious requirements set forth in Biblical texts, the Third Temple will also be equipped with every modern amenity: full computerization, underground parking, temperature control, elevators, docks for public transportation, wheelchair access, and much more. . . . It is not enough to wait and pray for the Third Temple,’ it concludes. ‘It is a Biblical obligation to build it.’”

In order for this very ambitious project to be completed it will take an enormous amount of effort by very creative people, an enormous amount of money, and an enormous amount of help from Almighty God to overcome the extreme amount of difficult problems that will be encountered in its construction.

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