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The Tej Kohli Foundation Working to Treat Curable Blindness in India

Most of us probably remember playing a childhood game called Pin the Tail on the Donkey. After the game was finished, we removed our blindfolds and went about our daily life. We joined our families for supper or went outside to run and play with our friends. Maybe we read a book to a younger sibling or watched our goldfish swimming around in the tank. How would it have been to not be able to remove the blindfold and remain in permanent darkness?

Tej Kohli with visually impaired woman
Tej Kohli Foundation

Worldwide, there are more than 45 million people who are blind. WHO, the World Health Organization, states that approximately one third, or over 15 million, of the world’s blind population lives in India. According to Global Finance, India was listed as the 55th poorest country in the world for 2103. What can a country that high on the poverty list do to help the blind people of its nation?

Enter Tej Kohli and the Tej Kohli Foundation. One of the primary objectives of the Tej Kohli Foundation is treating blindness that is curable. The visionary philanthropist’s goal is to work side by side with experts in the field to ensure that free health checks, treatments, glasses and, if necessary, surgery are available to those in need. To this end, the Tej Kohli Foundation, which was established in 2001, is funded entirely by Mr. Kohli himself.

As for India, the main goal of the Tej Kohli Foundation is to assist in corneal transplants for the 3.5 million people who are afflicted with corneal blindness. Corneal blindness is one kind of blindness that is curable through surgery. The Foundation enjoys an open-ended commitment with the Niramaya Hospital, which is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. In August 2012, a mobile corneal transplant unit was launched in the National Capital Region of India.

The Tej Kohli Foundation notes, “Kohli is an international businessman and philanthropist, with a diverse portfolio of commercial and charitable operations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and India. His business interests range from e-commerce and IT, to real estate and reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. The programs of Kohli foundation are comprised of passionate people committed to addressing the critical needs of young people in India, Costa Rica and beyond. By inspiring communities, states and nations, by motivating individuals and institutions, by supporting local leaders with programs and facilities at community level, we will make a difference in the lives of millions of children.”

What the world needs is more people who are willing to put their efforts into helping to solve problems for people who do not have the means to help themselves. The 1979 edition of the World Book Dictionary, published by Thorndike-Barnhart, defines a philanthropist as, “a person who loves mankind and works for its welfare, especially by giving sizable donations of money to worthy causes”. Tej Kohli has without question chosen a worthy cause in which to invest his resources.

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