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The technology behind Turtle Beach headsets

Call of Duty headset
Call of Duty headset
Turtle Beach

The Turtle Beach franchise has been around since 1975. For 38 years now, the company has been patenting many audio technologies as they now specialize in headsets. Quoting Senior Communications Manager Jeff Burchett, Turtle Beach has been “doing digital audio since digital audio was the thing to do.” These pioneers of audio are passionate about pushing technology and discovering new ways to enhance gamers’ listening experience in games. There is other competition, but a good bit of them lack in the drive and the advancement as according to Burchett, they make excellent sounding headsets and look for ways to push that forward through technology.

DTS surround sound 7.1 is the standard of surround sound at the moment. Turtle Beach offers a custom version of DTS that allows certain aspects of gaming to stick out. If you are playing a first person shooter, the custom DTS allows the developers to pull in the gun and make the character centered. The idea is to make it differentiate the sound from being just a center channel as compared to action directly in front of you. The preset architecture behind the technology allows the sound to offer a fixed depth. Burchett believes that its things like this that Turtle Beach can do that no one else does, or rather can do.

If a technology already exists, Turtle Beach continues to go out to perfect it. From the dual-boomless microphone technology on their I-30 and I-60 series of headsets to the active voice cancellation on the upcoming 8800 series, Turtle Beach does everything in its power to make sure gamers get the most out of what they are paying for.

As for any ideas for the future of sound, Burchett states he’s just waiting on the developers to answer that question. He believes that with the way Dolby uses setups in movie theaters, sound technology beyond DTS 7.1 is possible. His biggest comparison to the growth in audio technology is the advancement of graphics technology. Processing power looks to be the most important aspect. The architecture of the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will provide a consistent system for developers to expand on.

Much like lighting bounces off of objects from a graphical standpoint, audio does the same thing. This allows the developers to distinguish right from left. Burchett believes that ambient inclusion will be a big technology in the coming years. The sound will be different if you spoke behind an object as compared to in front of it. There is a lot of potential for audio technology in the coming years.