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'The Taste:' This week was about guilty pleasures

Chef Ludo Lefebvre mentor and judge on The Taste
Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Heineken

On Thursday night’s episode of the “The Taste”, the theme for the night was Guilty Pleasures and after the team challenge one cook would be eliminated from the losing team, and the winning team would have the assistance of Chef Aaron Sanchez for the Individual Challenge.

Team Anthony was to prepare an eccentric dish; Team Marcus and elevated take out dish, Team Ludo a foie gras dish, and Team Nigella salty and sweet dish. All the cooks went to their respective stations and tackled their task with gusto. However, Cassandra from Team Ludo can’t stop mentioning the fact that she is vegan and therefore has issues with just about every dish, she is becoming one of those annoying contestants that all reality shows have, and Audrey from Team Marcus can’t stop talking about her blog and how she is going to impress her readers.

The mentor would pick what he or she thought was the best dish from all his cooks and present it to the guest judge, Team Ludo won with Jeff’s dish for the second time, Team Nigella came in second, Team Anthony was third and that meant that Team Marcus lost and would have to eliminate one of his cooks and that one was the annoying blogger Audrey.

Then it was time for the individual challenge and Lee received 2 gold stars, Jeff received 1 along with Shehu, and those at the bottom were Marina, Dana and Don and this last one was sent home from Team Marcus, so for the second straight week one mentor has lost two cooks on the same night.

“The Taste” runs on Thursday at 8:00 p.m. EDT on ABC.

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