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The Taste of Olivet Road


Looking for something to do this weekend? Well, if you’re planning on being north of The Golden Gate I have just the thing for you. Just outside the city of Santa Rosa, in the Russian River Appellation lies Olivet Road, along which are scattered some of the finest small family owned premium wineries you are likely to find in this or any other wine region the world around.

For a perfect weekend ...
Olivet Road org.

AND, this Saturday, April 13, from 11:00 to 4:00 is the third annual “Taste of Olivet Road” festival and wine tasting.

Imagine spending the day, which the weatherman promises will be spectacular, safely traveling in a relatively small area tasting some of the world’s finest wines. From Harvest Moon, Sunce and Tara Bella to Hook and Ladder, De Loach and more.

Olivet is a small country road, just off Guerneville Road. It winds it’s way through pleasant pastures and vineyards, leading you to some of the most pleasurable wine country experiences you are likely to find anyplace. Most of the Olivet Road wineries produce at least some Estate wines and most have some picnic facilities and almost all produce their wines on the premise. In many cases you can talk to the wine maker during your visit.

Are these truly “family,”owned wineries? Well, last year I walked into one of the bottling room of one and saw the wine maker with his 8 year old daughter in his arms as they nuzzled, and at another, during the crush, the winemaker set down the rake he was using to load the crusher, to take his infant son in his arms and give him a big sticky grape juice covered hug. Yes, these are small, in some cases tiny wineries, filled with an immense pride in their work and their product.

You will be able to meet these fine artisans and sample the product of their craft this coming Saturday, but don’t wait too long or the tickets will be gone.


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