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'The Taste:': Grand finale

Chef Ludo Lefebvre winner on The Taste
Chef Ludo Lefebvre winner on The Taste
Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Chipotle

The grand finale played out on Thursday, initially there was the Team Challenge, but, unlike before all remaining cooks, 3 from Team Ludo and 1 from Team Anthony would present their dishes and the least favorite would be eliminated, and only 3 would compete in the Solo Challenge and victor crowned.

And once the 4 dishes were tasted judgment was passed and surprisingly Jeff from Team Ludo was eliminated and everyone was astonished at the turn of events. Then came the Solo Challenge and each cook would need to prepare a mouthful representing breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The 4 judges tasted the spoonfuls and based solely on taste decided who would be the 3rd runner up and again another surprise as Lee from Team Anthony was eliminated. That meant that Martina and this is unbelievable Louise from Team Ludo were the last 2 cooks standing.

And then the 3rd and final surprise came when Louise’s name came up as the winner of this season. It was disappointing because Louise had flown under the radar and those who were eliminated had received Gold Stars and had more than less been at the top of their game throughout the competition, but the judging was done based solely on what was presented and nothing more.

"The Taste" runs on Thursday night at 8:00 p.m EDT on ABC.