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'The Taste:' Delusional chefs are sent home

Anthony Bourdain mentor on The Taste
. Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

On Thursday night’s episode of “The Taste”, the contestants faced their first Team and Solo Challenges. The theme was about who each chef is in four bites and a plate. One chef was to be eliminated from the losing team after the Team Challenge and Nigella’s team was at the bottom and Reina was voted out. And the viewers sighed in relief at seeing this person who is beyond delusional accusing Nigella of being jealous of her talent and beauty; really, has this person looked in the mirror lately?

Then it was time for the Solo challenge and Ludo’s Team who won the previous challenge had the advantage of receiving instruction in the kitchen from chef Edward Lee. And the chefs took off and created their version of who they are in 4 bites and one plate. The testing was blind the judges appraised each dish on its own merits not knowing who had cooked what.

And the 2 chefs to receive gold stars were Lee from Team Anthony and Jeff from Team Ludo, and those at the bottom were Jay from Team Nigella and Audrey from Team Marcuss. However, Jay fought and just about told the mentors who by the way are renowned chefs, that they were wrong and that his dish should not send him home, Audrey was a bit more humble and took it all as constructive criticism. And at the end of the night Jay who also appears to suffer from some misguided notion that everyone is wrong and he is the one right; was sent home.

“The Taste” runs on Thursday at 8:00 p.m. EDT on ABC.

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