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The Tarot Cafe: a bewitchin' review

This recommendation and review is about The Tarot Café. It is by Sang-Sun Park. It is released by TokyoPop. It is another one that is Korean Manwha. It is a seven volume series.

cover of the tarot cafe

It is about a woman named Pamela who owns the Tarot Café where she gives readings to people who live in the supernatural world or people who are the supernatural from werewolves to vampires. She is accompanied by a strange man by the name Belus and later on a young werewolf boy named Aaron. She is immortal and has the gift of foresight which helps her tarot business. With these gifts, she helps people the best she can even though most of the time what she foresaw usually happens.

This series also tells of Pamela’s past on how she became immortal and about her mother being burned at the stake as a witch. Her life was spared and she was led out of town by a strange priest. Later she was found by a dragon named Ash who raised her and then became her lover. When he died, he gave her his immortality.

Though in the present someone seems to be after her. Someone from her past. Who could it be? You’ll have to read to find out!

This series is rated Teen and up. Because of some sexual situations and violence from the physical to the magical. This is recommended for everyone especially those who are interested in the magical beyond fiction that is in books. What I mean those that are wiccan or pagan. This series is great. It is very dramatic, but not in a soap opera way. It has a surprise almost at every turn.

This series also has regular novel written by someone with the original author and should be released in the USA already.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area, you can find this series at your local PPLD branch. Happy Reading!



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