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The Target Audience for the Film, Persecuted Is Those With A Persecution Complex

Persecution of Christians

So, some evangelicals decided to get together and make a film which revolves around setting up a popular televangelist named John Luther, who is "persecuted" because he won't put his support behind legislation to unify people of all faiths (as if not making everyone contemptuous of each other and averting those who believe in a higher power from steadfastly wanting to kill those who belong to other religions is a bad thing).

Those consipring, abduct Luther, drug him, have a young girl take some risque photos with him, kill her, and then Luther escapes and becomes a rosary carrying version of Harrison Ford's character from The Fugitive.

There are some familiar faces people might recognize on the screen during the 1 hour and 33 minute long flick.

The biggest Hollywood name they could find to put in the film was Fred Thompson, who apparently decided to take time off from duping senior citizens into purchasing reverse-home mortgages to add yet another film to his IMDb list.

His character, a priest, who interestingly enough, plays the biological father of the protagonist, makes a reference to the "persecution of Christians" in this country as if they are not in the overwhelming majority and are instead on the verge of being fed to the lions as if this were ancient Rome.

They also got former Miss America and Fox News favorite, Gretchen Carlson to memorize some lines and do in the film what she does in real life, pretend to be a journalist.

Being a conservative film, there are some not unpredicted, subtle shots taken at liberals as well. The President of the United States in this movie looks like Ted Kennedy and sounds like Bill Clinton. He is portrayed as if he has knowledge of and is in on the whole conspiracy to frame John Luther. I wonder if the same people who cast and did the make-up for the person who played Satan (which most people with clear, 20/ 20 vision said resembled Obama) in the made-for-television epic, The Bible, might have been consulted and on hand to make suggestions to cast those with blood on their hands in this film.

The director of the film, even pre-release date goes on a show, the name of which does not in any way reek of attempting to overcompensate for the insecurity of the points and statements made by those interviewed, entitled Nothing But The Truth, to urge those who share his view to "vote for freedom" by purchasing tickets to see his movie to fill his pockets with cash as a fervent gesture endorsed by Jesus.

To sum up, this is a film that fundamentalist Christians will be drawn to because its one word title is something they constantly complain of feeling any time any reasonable person has the audacity to say to them, "I think you may be mistaken."

It is for these reasons that the target audience for the film, Persecuted, is those with a persecution complex.

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