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The Tampa Film Experience Abounds

The Tampa Film Experience Abounds
The Tampa Film Experience Abounds

Baby it's cold outside, well it might be where you are but this weekend we will be in the 70's. If it's film that you are interested in then why not take a break and head on down to see us. Tampa has it's own landmarks for movie goer's. Our own Tampa Theater decorated in the Mediterranean style lends a different aspect to your movie viewing. It was built in 1926 and is the Home of the Gasparilla Film Festival coming March 19-23, 2014. Enjoy all the independent films to be shown in the splendor they deserve.

If you want to come a little later in the spring you can attend the Sarasota Film Festival coming April 4-13, 2014. Only an hour away from Tampa, Sarasota has become the location one of the premiere festivals in the country.

If you want to attend Bollywood: International Indian Film Academy Awards, Tampa will be hosting the event April 24-26, 2014. If you want to see the main character in the 'Dolphin Tale' movies then come on over to the Clearwater Aquarium and visit Winter the star of both films. 'Dolphin Tale 2' just wrapped up filming and all it's stars were in town. You never know what and who you might see strolling around Tampa Bay. Like Ashley Judd walking around the beach in a bikini with her dogs. If you are seeking excitement, we have Universal Studios located about an hour away just off I-4 outside Orlando. So get away from all that snow and come on down and experience film and Tampa Bay. We look forward to seeing you.

Bollywood, Tampa Florida April 24-26 - The dates are set for the International Indian Film Academy Weekend and Awards and they will be April 24-26. The final show will be held at Raymond James Stadium home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Earlier this month it was requested that rather than have the event in June that it might be better to move up the date. You see this event that was supposed to be some 35,000 people is now expected to accommodate some 50-60,000 people. Now if you have ever been to Tampa in June it rains a lot. We also have this weather event called Tropical Storms or a possible Hurricane that sometimes come a little early in the season.

Clearwater, Florida Enjoys Filming Of Dolphin Tale 2 - Yup right in the backyard, well across the bay from Tampa a heartwarming tale is taking shape again. You see a couple of years back a small marine aquarium took on the monumental task of helping out a dolphin by the name of Winter. Winter had lost her tale to fishing line that got entangled around her tail fin. A prosthetic piece was made and attached to what was left of her tail. A miracle, Winter can swim and get by again. She will never be able to swim the seas again but she will not want for anything.

Winter has been a God send to the area. Clearwater Marine Aquarium was never a major draw but it held it's head above water so to speak. With the Winter story and the first movie this area has perked up.Just recently tried to drive around the area and it seems that the filming and other eye catching events are distracting drivers.

Well it's come to everyone's attention that some of the stars have been out walking the streets and soaking up the warm Florida sun. Ashley Judd and her dogs have been spotted many a time out walking and when Ashley Judd is out walking in a Bikini and her with her two dogs it seems traffic can come to a standstill. Yup, at 45 Ashley Judd is out there turning heads still. You go girl. Now Ashley has been spotted apologizing on twitter letting everyone know that the filming will be coming to an end soon and life will go back to normal. Stay as long as you like Ashley, we've got sunshine to burn and with the rest of the country sometimes under a foot of snow, why leave.

So they wanted the Stadium and to do that you need to have the event in March or April. The weather will be beautiful and there will be so much to do at that time. The extra people is not a problem. Tampa has held the Superbowl several times.

Tampa is looking forward to the event. There is even word that some events will be held out at the University of South Florida. Now being a Tampa born and raised individual I can tell you at the time of this event we will have the beaches all ready to go and the water will be around 78 degrees. The baseball team the Tampa Bay Rays will be playing. We have Busch Gardens also in Tampa. If you take I-4 to Orlando you have Disney World and Universal Studios.

Tampa is also know for having some good restaurants and I can tell you City Hall will pull out the red carpet. So I can say that we are all looking forward to Bollywood coming at the end of April and hope everyone has the time of their life. Enjoy.

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