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The Tall Man is back with Phantasm Ravager

There are a select few of horror icons these days that have stood the test of time like Freddy, Michael, and Jason, but none have the sheer realistic creep factor of The Tall Man from the Phantasm series. When director Don Coscarelli unleashed Angus Scrimm and the flying sphere in 1979 it took horror in a whole new direction and not only spawned three sequels and the unique nature of all being director by the same director.

Official Image
Silver Sphere

Now the long awaited fifth entry has finished production and is once again bringing along Reggie Bannister who has appeared in every film as well as the entire original cast including Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Kat Lester and Angus Scrimm. While there are sure to be a few new faces and some promised surprises the biggest news is that this will be the first film in the series not directed by Coscarelli, but instead David Hartman. Have no fear fans as Coscarelli is still on board as Executive Producer and co-writer so there is no doubt that will no doubt live up to the others in the series.

This news snuck in under the radar to most, but unlike most news like this they not only delivered the breaking news of the production being complete, but also a trailer to get your blood pumping and excited for this latest entry. Currently there is no official release date, but you can at least check out the trailer and teaser poster here for now to tide you over.

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