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'The Talking Dead': Melissa McBride alludes to Rick taking out the Hunters

What did Melissa McBride give away on "The Talking Dead?"
Frazier Harrison/Getty

Melissa McBride made an appearance on the latest episode of “The Talking Dead” which aired on March 16. In addition to discussing “The Grove,” which was the latest episode of “The Walking Dead,” McBride also spoke about Rick.

While discussing the reason Carol was banished from the prison, Melissa McBride spoke about what people are capable of during the zombie apocalypse. It was during that conversation she eluded to Rick taking out the Hunters. She said that sometimes people project what they are capable of doing to others. After making that statement, McBride waved her arms, as if to stop herself from more and to signal others not to ask questions, and didn't say anything else about Rick.

In a previous “The Walking Dead” spoiler, it was revealed that Rick met up with the Hunters. The Hunters are believed to be a group of cannibals that invade a church where the prison group has sought refuge after reuniting. While defending the group from the cannibalistic Hunters, Rick's rage and disgust emerges and he takes it out on the Hunters. Norman Reedus, who portrays, Daryl Dixon, said that the end of season four would show some of the most brutal action ever on “The Walking Dead.”

It is possible that Daryl has already met up with the Hunters. After Beth was kidnapped, Daryl joined a group of men. In a recent spoiler, one of those men stated that “the little ones” did not survive. It was possible he knew this because the Hunters ate the little ones. In “The Walking Dead” comics, the Hunters survived by eating their own children.

There is actually no way of knowing for sure exactly what Melissa McBride meant on “The Talking Dead.” Despite that, it appears to look as if the Hunters will be entering the television series soon. Fans will have to keep watching “The Walking Dead” to see what happens next.

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