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'The Talking Dead': Dooley lost his eye in a carjacking

Daryl and Beth tried to befriend a one-eyed dog.
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Fans of “The Walking Dead” tune in for additional information about the AMC series. The latest episode of “The Talking Dead,” which aired on March 9, gave fans an inside look at one character which only appeared in one seen. That character was the one-eyed dog that Daryl and Beth tried to befriend.

The dog's real name is Dooley. Being on “The Walking Dead” is not the only claim to fame this dog has. This dog is a bona fide hero.

Dooley, before his guest role on “The Walking Dead,” lost his eye. He lost his eye saving his owner from a would-be carjacker. “The Talking Dead” didn't go into a lot of details about Dooley or his owner, but saving someone from a carjacker qualifies as a hero. Especially when it is a dog and the dog is seriously injured.

Other than saving his owner from a carjacker and starring in “The Walking Dead,” little is known about Dooley. The hero dog is not even listed on “The Walking Dead” list of cast and crew on the Internet Movie Database website. Animal lovers are hoping more information will be available about Dooley and his owner.

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