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The Talent Code


There are several books out there that explain the inner workings of what makes musicians, actors, athletes, and basically any type of skilled specialist work. The newest and latest book out there is called the Talent Code : Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown. Here's How. The book is written by Daniel Coyle.

Daniel Coyle goes through the methodological reasons to why certain places in the world produce highly successful people. He talks about several places in the world that produce successful musicians, successful athletes, etc. A music camp in the United States, a tennis school in Russia, etc.  

As a classical musician there are many reasons his methods would be successful. This book was featured on a Night-line special about two weeks ago and there have been a few profiles on the news and on-line. A personal observation I noticed was the way to practice. Instead of just charging into situations the mind and parts of the body incorporates "muscle memory". If you perform a task correctly numerous times, your brain will remember. Obviously some people are going to be able to grasp these concepts easier than others but, what Mr. Coyle has tried to do is decipher the how and why athletes, musicians, actors, painters and others are able to arrive at their success. The book talks in great depth about how to become successful in fields that require great "talent". Many of the observations that Mr. Coyle made are observations I have found in my own practice at home. I only wish that I could incorporate them into my golf game the same way they go with my Trumpet playing. This book seems like a very interesting read for anyone looking for the understanding to success on a musical playing field, performing art or sport.


  • Penny Nickols Sioux Falls Home Improvement Examine 5 years ago

    Thanks for doing the review — I'm going to read this book.

  • Justin 5 years ago

    After I watched the Nightline feature about this book I started to look at the applications in my own Classical Music career and I noticed a lot of parallels.