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The tale of two parties

The news of a Congressman appearing in a photo that seems at first glance to be improper is nothing new but the media attention now building around Republican Representative Vance McAllister of Louisiana makes it appear as something awful.

Sara Palin at CPAC
Photo by T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images

It’s not that the good congressman is a married man with five children or that he’s a first term congressman; after all allot of married men (and women) in leadership often get kissed as an expression of thanks or gratitude for a variety of reasons. Many times the kiss is not in any way solicited or even welcomed; it just happens.

Of course from the congressional surveillance video it appears the kiss between Congressman McAllister and his staff member is welcomed and a little more than just friendly but the full story is not yet known although the Congressman does admit it was a passionate kiss.

There’s allot of kissing which goes on via the campaign trail and it often follows into the political office as an expression of gratitude; if this were in Europe however, it wouldn't even be a problem.

Yes indeed we all know there's a whole lot of kissing going on in Washington D.C. but that doesn't make it right.

The problem for the liberal biased media is that Representative McAllister is a conservative Republican; therein is the basis of the tale of two parties.

Liberals and Conservatives and Democrats and Republicans treat the conduct of their members and the opposing party’s member differently.

Liberal Democrats usually allow their members’ improper conduct to be brushed aside as long as possible while condemning any impropriety by Republicans immediately.

With regard to Congressman McAllister, If he were a liberal leaning Democrat, the media would be backing off until there was allot more than a photo of suggestive impropriety.

There are numerous examples such as Elliot Spitzer, Jesse Jackson Jr., Senator John Edwards, Senator Teddy Kennedy, President Bill Clinton and even the late Presidents Kennedy and Johnson were all involved for years in serious immoral, unethical and even criminal conduct.

The press literally gave all these men a free pass for years before any credible evidence was brought to the attention of the public.

We now know that much of the information about these politicians was deliberately held back to support an ever increasing agenda of a liberal minority; determined to get legislation passed to further the causes of the left in areas of abortion, euthanasia and welfare entitlement programs.

All of these programs were designed for one purpose, more voters.

Even our current President is involved in so much abuse of executive power that his own party is having a difficult time keeping up and yet because of the differences in party treatment of conduct little is being done by either party.

In contrast, by this point (and for far less abuse and impropriety) in Republican President Richard Nixon’s administration, the Democratic party had condemned and written up letters of impeachment forcing his resignation.

Contrary to Liberal Democrats, Conservative Republicans tend to move with haste on the conduct of their own; mainly due to concern of the media’s rapid condemnation of those the media considers out of line.

Prime examples are President Richard Nixon, Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and even Governors Sarah Palin and Rick Perry.

The media determined all of these people to be criminal, immoral, dangerous or stupid leading their own party to either silence or get rid of them.

As a result Nixon and Gingrich were forced to resign, Sarah Palin will never be able to hold office not for something she said but what actress Tina Fey impersonating her said on Saturday Night Live and Governor Rick Perry’s support of the Second Amendment and his momentary lapse of memory in his last Presidential Primary debate has all but deleted him as an acceptable candidate.

Republicans have a tendency to condemn their own but not the other party while they just stand there and take the abuse of the press as is happening currently with Congressman McAllister.

A double standard for the two parties definitely exist.

Until there are more conservative media outlets such as Drudge, The Blaze and FOX News that are willing to give a more balanced report of events, never the twain shall meet.

Representative McAllister made a big mistake for sure and the media intends to make him pay.

Unfortunately Republicans will probably not accept any short or long term penance as would the Democrats and ultimately demand his resignation.

©Copyright 2014 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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