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The T. Lahma Experience

T. Lahma
T. Lahma
Courtesy of Milk The Moment

I had the opportunity to do an exclusive interview with T. Lahma the nephew of legendary singer Bobby Brown. In this interview he talks about his music and being a member of the Brown family.

Yes, this is amazing! We have another member of the Brown family that’s very talented! His name is T. Lahma. First let me ask you how long have you been rapping?

I've been rapping since 10. I can even remember my first rhyme.

What is the meaning behind the name T. Lahma? And how does it represent you?

T. Lahma actually came about from an inside joke, that, you can say transpired into life. You have the Dahli Llama, the Buddhist Monk that represents the inner peace and wisdom I seek everyday. Then, you have the animal Llama that as we all know spits, that’s what I do. I spit like an animal. So bring it all together and there you have T. Lahma.

You are also the nephew of the legendary R&B singer Bobby Brown, and the son of Tommy Brown. Did Bobby also inspire you to want to become an entertainer?

Of course he did! He gave me my first taste of what it’s like. I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Not necessarily the celebrity aspect of it, but more so the ability to be able to inspire people with his music.

Why did you choose rap?

I wouldn’t say I chose rap, I'd like to think the ability to rap chose me. I believe I have an extraordinary story to tell, and I’m fortunate enough to know how to verbally tell it. It's something that just comes natural to me I guess.

Why not an R&B singer, like your Uncle?

Well, if you can give GOD a holler, and tell him to bless me with strong vocal cords like he did my uncle, then maybe I'll change arenas.

Me, Myself, and I also rap, how is your music different from theirs?

Well, the message is pretty much the same, being were just a group of young brothers striving to get ahead in life, and just giving the people a look into our world. I think the point of views are the fine line that separates us as artists and, as well as men. I think every person expresses his/her experiences differently.

Since you are also a member of the Brown family, do you feel like you’re in competition with Me, Myself, and I, who are also members of the family? If so, why? If not why?

It's not competition when you’re both striving towards the same goal. At the end of the day, we are family, and it’s not about we as individuals getting our shine on, but rather as a family unit. I think or even better I know we push each other when we are recording. It’s funny because we truly believe we are our own competition, but in the same since it’s not as if we are competing against each other.

Will you collaborate with Me, Myself, and I?

Of course I will It's all C.M.G. In fact, I already have.

Is there anyone else in the music industry that you would like to collaborate with? Is there anyone in particular?

Wow! Too many to name. I listen to a wide variety of music so it really just depends on the day. But of course Jay-Z, JadaKiss, Pink Floyd, and Norah Jones, Me, Myself, and I of course. Bad joke I know, but I want to work with true musicians.

What makes your music different from Me, Myself, and I? What about other rappers in the music industry?

My sound, style, and life experiences are different. I think it’s how I put my flow together, not to brag too much but I’m nice.

Are you working on any music right now? If so when can we expect to hear it?

Yeah I’m cooking up something wicked over here. Fans can expect a fourth quarter release.

How can fans reach out to hear your music?

You can reach me on twitter @t_lahmacmg or Facebook the official T. Lahma fan page.

If you would like to see T. Lahma perform live you can check him out at the Chez-Vous RollerWay on August 1, 2011, Showtime is 8pm-12am. For more information call (617) 825-6877. Video in 3D! Come be a part of the T. Lahma experience!


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